10 Things You Need To Know About Extroverted Introverts

It’s a common belief that people are either introverts or extroverts. Well, you should know that these two personality types can be interchangeable. You can be an introvert with an approachable side. An extroverted introvert who, more often than not, is being misunderstood.

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Their whole situation can be a bit confusing, so here are a few things you should know about extroverted introverts so you can understand them better:

1. They can be sociable but desperately need their alone time- that’s the thing about extroverted introverts, they can totally be outgoing but their alone time is really cherished.

2. Even if they go out, it doesn’t mean they want to talk – for them, just being around people is enough to make them happy; talking to someone might be too harrowing for them.

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3. Despite their precious needed alone time, they do get lonely – it can be burdensome for them to balance these two feelings, they want to socialize when feeling lonely but the whole process of leaving their cozy home is too difficult.

4. They like to spend more time one on one than in big groups – they choose intimate hangouts to group talks because it gives them the opportunity to really listen to the other person instead of making small talk.

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5. At the end of the day, they’re overthinkers – though they seem fine in social situations, they still live in their head, analyzing the situation.

6. Coffee shops and cafes are their favorite place to hang out – a place where they can be surrounded by people and no small talk is required.

7. They hate small talk — these are people who really try to avoid small talk as much as they can; they want to get to know you, not talk about the weather.

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8. Sometimes they seek attention but are surprised when they get it – at times they want attention but the moment they receive it, they start wondering why would anybody spend more than 2 minutes on them.

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9. When they like, they really do – they don’t make friends just for the sake of it, when they decide to spend time with someone, that someone is really important to them.

10. Texts are not their strength – they may not respond to your text, but only because there are times when they don’t want to talk to anyone.

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