3 Things That Can Ruin A Marriage Before It Even Begins

A relatively new marriage is full of perils. Here are 3 common mistakes that newlyweds make and that can undermine an otherwise strong relationship.

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1. Bringing up past mistakes

A fight must always be about the issue at hand and not about past mistakes. Criticizing your partner again and again about something they did a long time ago will keep you both prisoners of a situation that has nothing to do with the present. Bringing up past mistakes will not allow your partner to grow and learn from them.

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2. Acting as if you are still dating

When people are married for a short time, they tend to keep the same habits from when they were only dating. Making plans without checking with their partner or buying things for only one person are the kind of things that newlyweds have a hard time giving up. While they may seem innocent enough to you, your partner may interpret these things as signs that you are not fully committed to your new marital status.

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3. Complaining to your parents

Whatever your partner has done to upset you, discuss it within the couple. By telling your parents about it, you only make things worse. They cannot really help you and your partner will feel offended. Don’t break your partner’s trust, since it’s essential to the relationship!

Pay attention to these little things and keep your relationship strong! Please, share this!