5 Sings That You’ve Chosen Your Partner Wisely

If you are one of those people who had been in a lot of bad relationship, you may have a hard time recognizing a good one. These are 5 signs that you’ve made the right choice this time.

1. Your partner is also your best friend

From what your day was like to your deepest fears and most outrageous dreams, you tell each other everything. Also, each of you has his own strengths and skills, so you enjoy learning something new from each other or together.

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2. There’s trust between you

Because you know that being in constant contact with them and needing to know every single detail of their daily routine is actually an attempt to control them, you keep your suspicion in check. When you call or text them and they don’t respond right away you figure that they must be busy. Your mind doesn’t immediately go to the worst scenario possible. A missed call doesn’t mean that they’re having an affair.

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3. You really listen to each other

Communication is essential to any healthy relationship. If you feel that your partner not only hears you, but actually listens to you and if you do the same in return, then you might be building something for the future.

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4. You spend time apart

Of course that being in a relationship with someone you really like or even love means that you want to spend a lot of time together. But how much time is too much time? There’s no standard amount of time, but the idea is that both of you need to have time for yourselves. Giving each other space to pursuit any activity that gives you pleasure is healthy.

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5. Your arguments are productive

In a relationship, conflict is inevitable, but you should always find a way to compromise. The aim is not to win every argument, but to make your relationship work through mutual understanding and respect. Moreover, both of you know when it’s the right time to apologize for a mistake you’ve made.

Cherish your partner, since you seem to have found a good one. Please, share this!