4 Major Signs of Chronic Vitamin Deficiency In Women

Vitamin deficiencies should always be taken seriously. With the hectic lives we’re living today, it’s easier to disregard what, how and when we eat. Needless to say, a balanced diet is crucial for our health. So are you getting the essential nutrients you need from your meals?

Most of the times, your body will let you know if something is up. You may feel more tired than usual or simple unwell without an apparent reason. Here are a few other ways you can tell if you have a vitamin deficiency.

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1. Deteriorating mouth health

Unhealthy mouth can be a sign of vitamin deficiency. There are a few areas which indicate what kind of vitamin you may need more of:

Gum bleeding

This is most commonly associated with a low level of vitamin C in your system. Our bodies do not produce this vitamin naturally so we need to absorb it from our food intake. Keep in mind though that excessive or harsh teeth brushing can also cause bleeding. Best sources of vitamin C are fruits and vegetables, particularly oranges, berries and broccoli.

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These are most commonly caused either by an iron deficiency or a lack of B vitamins, like B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), or B6 (pyridoxine). Remember that in order for your body to absorb iron, you need to first consume foods rich in vitamin C.

Cracked corners

A common cause is also simple dryness or dehydration. If you manage to exclude these, then it could be you have iron or B2 vitamin deficiency. B-vitamin rich foods include: fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, seeds, green vegetables, meat.

2. Eye health deterioration

If you’ve been having vision trouble or eye infections lately, it could be a sign your body is lacking some nutrients. One of the most common causes of poor vision is a lack of vitamin A. Make sure you see a specialist to eliminate other possible causes. Richest foods in vitamin A are carrots and beef liver, but also pumpkin, sweet potatoes or chicken liver.

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3. Hair loss and brittle nails

Hair loss is a pretty common problem for both men and women, especially after a certain age. Know that hair and nails health are very closely linked. There are many problems that could lead to hair loss and thinning as well as brittle nails so make sure you exclude them by seeing your doctor.

A common cause is indeed a lack in certain vitamins like B8 (biotin) or other B-complex vitamins like B5 or B6. A zinc or vitamin D deficiency could also cause unhealthy hair and nails. For thicker hair and stronger nails make sure you consume salmon, nuts, eggs, avocado, sweet potatoes, leafy greens.

4. Skin issues

This is a less common cause of vitamin deficiency. Some people suffer from a condition called keratosis pilaris which causes red or white bumps on cheeks, arms, thighs or buttocks. Although this condition may have a genetic component, it has been observed in people with low levels of vitamins A and C.

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