4 Signs He’s Losing Interest In You

We all know the feeling… It’s like quicksand. That feeling of panic when we’re thinking that he might not be interested in us anymore or that the love he once had might not be there.

It’s atrocious, if we come to think about it. Nobody really wants to go through this but unfortunately it happens. In those moments, you’re trying to convince yourself that it’s all about your fears and insecurities acting up.

But it might be more than that. Here are some signs that your partner may be losing interest in the relationship after all:

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1. He makes excuses

You know something’s up when you can barely remember how things used to be like in the beginning. He’d climb any mountain and do practically anything in his power to see you, spend time with you. Now he’s either too busy at work or having a headache and whatnot.

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2. He’s not responsive

This is not about not replying to your texts. You can feel that you now need to make an effort in your daily conversations. His replies are generally shorter or non-existent.

3. He picks fights

Maybe he does this just so that you’ll break up with him eventually because he doesn’t want to hurt you. In that sense, he doesn’t want to be the bad guy here.

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4. No initiative

He just stopped putting any kind of effort into your relationship. You feel he’s not there anymore and it’s haunting you. If this happens, then it’s a clear sign that something is wrong.

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