4 Signs The Universe Doesn’t Want You To Give Up On Love

Maybe you’re just coming through a terrible and devastating breakup or divorce. And all you can think of is that you’re done with love. You’ve decided you can no longer trust anyone or be vulnerable with someone like you once did.

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It’s normal to go through this phase and have all these often contradictory feelings. Especially after how torn you feel after your last relationship which you thought would be your last.

But is it worth it to lose all faith in humanity just because one person couldn’t cherish you or treat you right? Here are 4 signs that you should not turn your back on love:

1. You meet someone by chance and there’s a spark

This is definitely a sign from the Universe that you should give love another chance. Maybe this time things will work out. Allow that spark to grow into fireworks and who knows? This might turn out to be exactly what you need.

2. You see a happy couple in public and start smiling all of a sudden

If you feel excited and invigorated when you spot a lovely couple holding hands or hugging, then you’re surely longing to feel that same kind of love.

3. You run into your ex and realize how much you’ve learned and grown

The lessons have been learned and they turned you into a stronger more independent person. This means you’re now ready to find what you’ve always been looking for.

4. You have nothing but love for yourself

This is about letting that self-love and self-worth overflow and spread to the other person.

Let your pain and heartbreak guide you and give love another chance! Please share this!