4 Signs Your Partner Is Trying to Change

Change is never easy. Especially in a relationship. Here are 4 signs that your partner is making an effort to change.

1. They ask for feedback

Asking for feedback is a very good sign, because it means that your partner is realizing that a relationship involves two equal partners and that your opinions and feelings are important.

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2. They try to understand

If your problems concern a particular issue that your partner doesn’t know much about and they are trying to educate themselves, this means that their effort to change is genuine.

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3. They turn their promises into actions

Turning promises into actions is important because it shows character. Your partner’s effort to keep their promises says that they respect the relationship and themselves.

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4. They handle mistakes better

The way one is handling one’s mistakes is crucial to the well being of the relationship. One way is to sincerely apologize when you’ve done something wrong. The other important step is to keep trying to solve the issue. Perseverance shows commitment.

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If you realize that your partner is trying to change in order to make the relationship healthier, show them that you noticed and that you appreciated it. Please, share this!