6 Signs Your Personality Is Intimidating Others

Never judge a book by its cover. The English idiom epitomizes an essential fact we must bear in mind about people. It’s no good to assess a person on the first impression. I’ve been proven this times and times again, no question about it.


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For that reason, I have to hand it to people who come off as intimidating but who are in truth kind and gentle. They may appear blunt or prideful but behind that tough exterior, more often than not lies a quiet and level-headed personality.

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Do you think your personality intimidates others? Check out these 7 signs and decide for yourself:

1. You only speak the truth

You’re a man of your word, honesty defines your character. You always do exactly what you said in the first place, no matter what.

2. You’re a genuine person

Come what may, you speak your mind and you always stay true to yourself. You can’t stand judgemental people and you even strike them from time to time.

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3. You have a sharp mind

Your knowledge is quite intimidating for others. You analyze everything fully, you take your time before making decisions. You learn new things with an ease that’s impressive but also a threat to others.

4. You find solutions

You are not a follower but a leader. You don’t worry about the problem, you focus on the solution at all times.

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5. You’re open minded

You are open to new ideas and new experiences. You may intimidate others with your willingness to try new things.

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6. You hate small talk

There’s nothing worse for you than a meaningless conversation. You’re all about things that matter, mundane things bother your soul.

Think twice before judging a person who seems aloof. Share this post to make people understand better this type of personalities!