4 Strategies To Handle An Annoying Person

“This person is annoying” is quite a subjective judgement. A person that can be fascinating for me can annoy the hell out of you. However, annoying people can ruin even the sunniest of days. Here are 4 ways to handle them.

1. Be polite

You don’t have to become friends with the person that annoys you, but you have to respect them. The thing that annoys you about them has probably something to do with your own shortcomings. So don’t jump to conclusions about the person as a whole.

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2. Keep a healthy distance

If you cannot handle whatever the annoying person is stirring up in you, keep your distance. Reduce the contact you have with them at minimum and don’t pay them more attention than it’s absolutely necessary.

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3. Plan your interactions

If the interaction with this person is unavoidable, plan it ahead. Know exactly what and how to say and keep it short and to the point.

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4. Be patient

Try to be patient with yourself and even with the annoying person. Maybe a bit of compassion is needed and you can learn something valuable from this person.

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