4 Ways To Deal With Toxic Family Members

You don’t get to choose your family. That’s a fact. Everyone has annoying relatives but you can’t actually cut ties with them as you would with your friends. Here are some ways to deal with your toxic family members.

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1. Be yourself, you don’t own them any explanations

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If some of your relatives disapprove of what you do in life, just remember you don’t own them any explanations or apologies for being yourself. You must stand up for yourself and stand by your opinions, regardless of the tantrum you may create.

2. Stay close to those who are positive

Surround yourself with the positive people from your family. That annoying aunt or cousin will be a lot easier to tolerate if you enjoy the company of others.

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3. Forgive but don’t forget

Even if they did something really hurtful to you, it’s best to let that go and forgive them. You may try to explain to them what they did wrong to you when the time comes.

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4. Don’t let them suck your energy

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Don’t allow the toxic people from your family steal your energy. Take care of yourself, do those things you enjoy and forget entirely about what they think. Show them they can’t get to you and you’re better off ignoring them.

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