Husbands Stress Women More Than Kids, Study Shows

They say men are the pillar of the family, but we all know that ain’t true. Women ought to have superpowers to keep the family afloat. They have to play chef, teacher, doctor, maid, a loving mother and a wonderful wife. Let’s face it, they are stressed out big time.

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Children are a lot to handle already, but what about the husband? Can he be a stress trigger? One study shows that husbands do cause more stress than kids.

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According to a survey conducted by that included over 7,000 moms, the average mom rated her stress level an 8.5 out of 10.

46% of the women said that their husbands stress them more than their children.

Three in every four moms stated that they do most of the parenting and household duties while dads run around doing nothing much.

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Moreover, one in five moms reported that they stress about not having enough time to do everything that has to be done and that their spouse not helping them enough is a big source of daily stress.

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So much stress can affect the health of both spouses, found a recent study by the University of Padova. If the wife passes away and the husband is left with the responsibilities, his health deteriorates. On the contrary, if the husband goes first, the wife becomes healthier.

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A good advice to all the mothers out there, have a serious talk with your partners and let them know what are the things that stress the most out of you. Reach out to them more often, sometimes husbands want to do more but just don’t know how. Please share this!