5 Tips For Mothers Who Want To Keep Their Creative Passions Alive

We tend to believe that women, once they become mothers, will inevitably say good bye to their creative pursuits. But is it necessarily so?

Of course that once they become mothers, time becomes a rare commodity for women. It seems to be all about responsibility and no fun. Being a mother is a job in itself and no matter how rewarding motherhood can be, it can leave you frustrated not to be able to pursue other dreams and passions.

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But maybe a shift in perspective can tell us something else. Motherhood is inherently creative, because it involves always improvising. It’s finding solutions to problems in the blink of an eye. And while it can be exhausting, it can also be inspiring and energizing.

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Here are some tips about how to make motherhood and creativity work together:

1. Talk about what you know: motherhood.

No matter what your art is, explore this portion of your life: write about your children, take photo of them, make portraits of them.

2. Explore how your personality has changed once you became a mother (or it didn’t).

Think of the challenges of being a creative mother and find surprising solutions to them.

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3. Include your kids in your art.

Teach them to paint and do it together, write while they play, sing and dance with them. After all, art is where adults remember how to play.

4. See the world through their eyes.

Ask them to describe to you what they see, what they hear, how they understand the world around them and explore their answers in your art.

5. Have a creative kit with you no matter where you go.

Make a habit out of having the necessary tools while going on a walk or even on a trip. Have paper and pencils near you in case they go to sleep or play.

If you are a mother and you want to keep your creative interests alive, it’s not going to be easy. You are going to be tired and often interrupted. But your imagination will be stimulated every single day. So, don’t give up! Please, share this!