Aries’ Flirting Style: Competitive!

Aries is a fire sign and that makes it the one who goes after what they desire. Expect a real competitive go-getter!

There is no way you can stop people born in Aries from getting what they want! Taking things slowly- is something they just don’t get! Expect texts and emails, love letters and unannounced visits “just to say hello”.

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They have a strong competitive personality that makes them show off their better traits.

On that note, competition doesn’t scare them in the game of love. Expect them to show their affection towards you and fight for your heart if they have to. An Aries will never run from a challenge!

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Furthermore, people born in Aries really enjoy flirting and feel right at home when doing it. Their style is direct, sexy and they manage to flirt while managing to remain charming. Always willing to compete and win, they are ready every time someone appealing comes in sight.

However, it’s too bad for them that flirting doesn’t last forever. Although they love to chase after partners and romance, their interest will quickly fade away if that person exerts overly passive behavior. They love people which are hard to get but dislike shy or indecisive ones.

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Their fire personality prefers a good sparring partner over a sweet, lazy relationship. Where is the fun in always being nice and sweet? Aries are attracted by nice smiles and adventurous personalities. Adventurous because they want a partner who enjoys living on the edge.

There’s a little secret back door to getting on the good side of people born in Aries. You should know that facial features and natural gestures melt their heart! That’s it. It’s simple: if you’re in love with an Aries, prepare for thrilling ride and adventures. Just remember to put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride.

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