Capricorn’s Flirting Style: Engaging!

Capricorn people are cool and casual. Their flirting style may be honest and naturally authoritative.

These people are so busy doing many other things and flirting is not one of them. Capricorns tend to have a traditional approach to romance. So if they’re into you, they’ll be direct, and present you the situation and their intentions.

Setting up a date with this sign may seem like a professional appointment, not exactly the most romantic experience of all. Still, they will do anything in their power to make you feel good.

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Capricorns will take you out to dinner at the best restaurant in town. You can be sure they like you a lot if they try to show you the finer side of life that you could have in their presence.

Capricorns will only flirt with people who seem intellectually interesting and that’s giving their stern and stable persona.

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They don’t enjoy wasting their time with ordinary people. Capricorns use their body language as a flirtation mechanism, so pay attention to that.

They are mysterious and alluring, sometimes confusing at first sight. So serious and responsible, Capricorns are the sexy grown-ups. That means they don’t have time for silly games and small talks. Actually, flirting with a Capricorn means the first step of a serious commitment. They’ll make clear eye contact and sometimes tell you honestly how much they like you.

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You’ll be surprised about their poker face when you expect a smile or a grimace. You could lose them by flirting around, so don’t do that. A future relationship with them may seem like a business deal, but it can be wildly passionate and romantic…in private! Get steady and enjoy your fabulous life by their side!

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