Gemini’s Flirting Style: Communicative!

People born under Gemini are usually charming through the way they communicate both verbally and non-verbally. Expect them to come closer for an interesting chit-chat that may include flirtatious body language.

When it comes to flirting, Geminis tend to flirt with lots of people. The place doesn’t matter too much for them. As soon as they are comfortable and someone catches their fancy, they’ll start a conversation that usually ends up being flirty.

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In conversation, they usually have a hard time concentrating on just one thing. People born in Gemini enjoy leading the conversation and always proposing topics they want to talk about. They may be very interested in you at first sight and start a conversation with you just to see if you’re the right one.

This is for them part of the game of seduction. If you enjoy talking to someone that listens and really cares about your feelings, Geminis are the best partners.

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Gemini’s flirting style is most likely defined by catchy remarks and sexy glances. Also they really enjoy a stimulating conversation partner. So be ready for some deep conversations sprinkled with lots of double meanings.

Although their need for mental stimulation comes first, they also enjoy physical stimulation. That’s why body language is just as expressive as their verbal one! Most of all they enjoy having fun in the game of seduction.

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People born in Gemini don’t like possessive or jealous people. That means that you’d better be flexible and with an open mind if you enjoy their company.

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