Cancer’s Flirting Style: Emotional!

People born under the Cancer zodiac sign tend to have a very direct flirting style. They enjoy deep emotional connections and flirting is just a thing they do to get to that serious relationship level.

Sometimes people born in this zodiac sign are very difficult to read. Their way of telling you they like you might seem unusual. That’s because their emotions run deep.

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They need to feel safe and secure with you before they start flirting. After you gain their trust, their true self will be revealed to you.

However, because of their moody personality, it’s hard to interpret their actions accurately and get a read on their true feelings. We recommend you should always keep in mind their need for protection and caring and try to cater for these needs.

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They show their interest in you by taking care of you.

People born in the Cancer sign may insist to walk you to your car or pay for your drink. Just let them do it and enjoy the moment. They will too.

Cancer’s flirting style is very flattering and direct. People born under this sign are shy and this is why they prefer you to start the conversation. Usually they smile constantly and stare at you, hesitating when you make eye contact. They prefer a semi-emotional connection which usually starts with a casual conversation.

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On the other side, they do love to tell jokes and will try to make you laugh to break the ice. They will ask you many questions because they want to know as much as possible about you. Flirting with them can be so casual you may be ticked into misinterpreting their intentions.

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People born under the cancer sign love to be secure in their shell so you have to gently get them out of there. After that, flirting will come easily and naturally. They will keep the conversation light and friendly, talking about emotional things and insights.  They tend to be quite passionate when they feel safe. Take your time and let them make the first move!

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