Virgo’s Flirting Style: Gingerly!

Virgos have a predominantly reserved and versatile style of flirting. But thanks to Mercury, these people can be quite communicative.

When Virgos like someone, they have quite a subtle approach. Don’t expect passionate declarations – at least, not at first. They tend to move forward carefully and slowly when in love. For them, love is not a game. Love is something one should take seriously.

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Their way of showing they like you is by listening to you, paying attention or helping you. Virgos are traditional, they like to show off their manners and always treat you with respect. That’s their way of flirting: respectfully. Think about that gentleman who always opens your door or takes off your jacket: that’s certainly a Virgo in action!

Virgo people, though shy, they are very communicative.

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Pay attention to their body language and you’ll know whether they like you or not. They have a tendency to show through their body what they are too shy to verbalize. You will be surprised by how their body screams sexuality and sensuality.

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Giving their intelligence, they search for a partner as smart as them. That may cause some trouble in their long-time interest for one. A Virgo must always be surprised with new information and cleverness. Those admired by Virgos will be considered special ones.

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It’s very difficult to enter their “sacred circle” of attention and caring. So once you entered, make sure not to push or rush them. They need time to get to know you and find out whether you’re fit to go to the next level or not. They love eye contact, but not staring. Be delicate, clever and exquisite, as they are. The bottom line here is to let a Virgo lead and everything will be just fine!

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