Leo’s Flirting Style: Dramatic!

The royal ones have a pretty strong and attractive attitude. Their flirting style can be quite intense and with a powerful impact!

When it comes to Leos, it’s usually easy to know whether they’re into you. After all, they’re the kings and queens of the zodiac. The gorgeous, passionate beasts with a brave heart will roar out their feelings out loud.

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Leos will just tell you how they feel, show it again and again. They will embrace you with affection, attention, and lots of gifts.

Their aim is to make you have the time of your life and they’ll make it happen. Just let them show off and compete to win your heart. Also, assure the Leo that you like them and how much you do it. They need positive feedback!

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People born under this royal sign have a pretty adventurous flirting style.

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They have an entertaining personality that can blend in with almost every group. These people rarely have serious competition, due to their ability to draw attention. They will attract you using their gestures and body language.

Many of them will try to make a long-term situation after one casual meeting. They crave for stability and a serious relationship. The King’s dramatic style of flirting can sometimes be too much for those who want something superficial. They like direct approaching and flirts that upgrade quickly.

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People with this sign need respect and kindness, so don’t be a mean tease. Try to make those brilliant personalities shine and applaud them as though they are Hollywood stars. They think they’re bright enough for the both of you! Because Leos just rule the world!

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