Scorpio’s Flirting Style: Intense!

Scorpios are famous for being the masters of flirting. These sensitive and complex beings will turn your world upside down!

When a Scorpio puts you on spot expect passionate attention! These people catch your presence across a crowded room and keep showing up around every corner. That’s a Scorpio in action and yes, they are very intense!

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The most sexual and emotionally complex ones of the entire horoscope, they will blow your mind.

If they flirt it means they’re truly interested. They seek deep connections and intimacy. If they detect competition, stay away! The dark side of sugar is about to come out.

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That’s the moment they show off all their romance, possessiveness, and power of seduction.

Their water sign nature makes them versatile and highly sensitive. They’ll do whatever it takes to sting you with their sexual venom. The field of romance can be usually confused with a battlefield, but they are generally sweet and pleasurable. The presence of a Scorpio will captivate you like the venom that gets into the victim’s body.

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Flirting is serious business for a Scorpio. Sex is also serious business for a Scorpio. If these guys flirt with you, know they make plans on it ending up in the bedroom. They love to mate and have a partner. Though they are ardent, they are also private and secretive with their love life.

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Scorpios will never touch you inappropriately in public. They love mysteries and like to imagine what’s under your outfit. Let them explore you with questions and give elusive answers. Keep eye contact and assure them you don’t appreciate the flirtations of others. That’ll absolutely make a Scorpio fall for you!

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