Sagittarius’ Flirting Style: Spontaneous!

When flirting, Sagittarius people are predominantly outrageous and magnetic. They can also be quite dramatic in romance!

A Sagittarius’ eyes will sparkle as they meet your bright and curious look. Look at the smile on their lips when you make eye contact. You’ll know they like you through their facial expression. They adore meeting new and fascinating people.

If into you, a Sagittarius will want to spend more time in your presence and get to know you better.

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They love making people laugh and gasp as they tell fascinating stories about their worldwide explorations. They may even ask you to join one of their adventures.

That means they like you a lot!

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Life for Sagittarians is all about going where chance and impulse leads them, best with a lover on their side. Know that their attention may not be constant, but that doesn’t mean they’re not into you. It’s just about their appeal to experiences and new things.

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A Sagittarius will be playful and lively with you, drowning you into philosophical discussions. It’s very easy to fall in love with someone under this sign. Their flirting style could somewhat seem rude, that’s because they are very direct and honest people.

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It’s well-known that Sagittarius people thrive on adventures and surprises. That’s thanks to Jupiter who causes them to be attractive and irresistible, a magnet for adventure! When flirting with them, be mysterious, but fun mysterious. They tend to get bored easily and move on to their next adventure. That’s the dramatic part of a Sagittarius so keep them on the edge at all times! It’s a challenge they will surely accept!

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