Taurus’ Flirting Style: Sensual!

People born under Taurus are usually the ones who seek and offer pleasure. While flirting, you can expect compliments and sexy, meaningful glances from them.

People born under this sign will always let you know how much they like you. They will do it through gifts and small attentions they offer you.

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Either that or by gently touching you as if by accident. Don’t worry if they come on a bit strong, their intention is to make you feel pleasure. To achieve that, they will try to appeal to all your five senses. Best of all, they don’t lose interest quickly. Their flirting will start slow. It is possible you won’t even realize they flirt with you at first.

The best thing about how people born in Taurus flirt is that they have a really down to earth approach.

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Their flirting style is predominantly physical and magnetic. They have their own gravity (because of their earth sign) that attracts you towards them.

Thanks to Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, their flirting style will be gentle and subtle. They are very patient until a competitor shows up. Only then you will get to see all their seduction skills. However, they tend to lose interest if they see you successfully flirting with someone else. Chances are you will lose them for good if you do that. They tend to be quite jealous lovers.

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They love to touch, caress and feel the skin of their lover. So be prepared for some very yummy French kisses. Taurus is the master of neck, chin and ears kissing!

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