Libra’s Flirting Style: Charming!

These are the direct, attractive and graceful ones. Venus wraps them in sensuality and charm!

Although Libra is an air sign, these people have quite a fiery heart. They can’t help but put everything on the table, but in a more genteel way than Gemini, for example.

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Their flirting starts with sweet smiles and heartfelt compliments, and moves on to love notes, poetry and flowers.

Venus makes Libra people own the quintessence of all those trappings of true romance.

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They will enchant you with attention and romantic gestures. Everyone will start to envy you soon for being loved by one of these guys. Remember they deserve a little extra sweet treatment themselves. Every Libra treats you as they wish to be treated!

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People born under the Libra sign always search for balance in life. It is impossible for them to get trapped or lose their minds. The scale always weighs the pros and cons of going ahead or going home. They won’t give you mixed signals.

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If they like you as a future lover or just as a new mate, it will be all clear. They will use their words to capture your attention and will entertain great conversations all night. If you intrigue these guys long enough, they’ll make the first move instantly.

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Libras know everything about the power of seduction and will flirt with you constantly. They need your attention and know how to get it. They won’t touch you or do anything inappropriate. Libras love to treat one respectfully and turn them on from distance. A perfect romantic scene for them involves a cozy fire, aphrodisiacs, wine, music and seductive fragrances. Pheromones really work on them!

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