4 Types Of Fear That Can Ruin A Relationship Before It Even Starts

Fear is the natural enemy of love. It can make even the most promising relationships crumble. Here are 4 types of fear that can kill a relationship before it blooms.

1. Fear of getting burned again

After a certain age, everybody has emotional baggage. The prospect of going through pain and misery again can make us hesitant. Sometimes, we come to believe that love is a young (wo)man’s game and that we are too old to go through the emotional roller-coaster again. But we should ask ourselves what’s worse: to risk being hurt again or to live a loveless life?

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2. Fear of being rejected

Sometimes we don’t even try to start a new relationship because we fear the possibility of rejection. To be rejected is an excruciating experience. But does this mean you are unlovable, that you’re not good enough? Should you take the rejection personally or should you consider that there are other reasons for it, that have nothing to do with your worth as human being?

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3. Fear of settling

No, the grass is not greener on the other side. If you fear that there’s someone better out there, it means that you don’t really respect or cherish your current partner. In that case, either you deal with the real causes of your superiority complex, or you break up. There’s no use in wasting everybody’s time.

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4. Fear of vulnerability

Love won’t enter your life if you are not ready to be vulnerable. The stronger the connection we establish with someone else, the more we have to embrace our vulnerability. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean being weak, it just means being human.

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