Why We Should All Cherish The Power Of Vulnerability

What if everything we’ve been taught about vulnerability is completely wrong?

The truth is that in our society, people equate vulnerability with weakness and feelings and emotions. All those things that a man shouldn’t be and a woman should have. Right?

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But deep down, we know that vulnerability comes with being human, regardless of what gender we belong to. Of course that in the world we live in, it’s much easier to be the strong, tough, macho type. Because these people don’t have to face judgement from others. Or do they?

Most of us are afraid of showing any kind of vulnerability because this means we give other people the chance to hurt us, judge us and even crush us.

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So it becomes helpful then to put on a mask, the mask of invincibility. The mask that says ‘I don’t care’. So we create an image.

And then in order to get and keep all the things we want from job to status to relationship, we need to preserve that image. But how long can we hold on to our false selves? It can get very exhausting trying to be someone else from the moment we wake up till we go to bed. Being fake just takes a lot more energy than if we just chose to be true to ourselves in every situation.

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This is why vulnerable people know better. They are strong because they choose to be kind and caring, even if that means getting hurt every once in a while. They knowledge the fact that being vulnerable is what makes us human and worthy of love.

Letting down our defenses is what we should strive for, especially in romantic relationships. No deep and meaningful love was born when two surfaces interacted. It takes shedding our layers, one by one, so we can reach that intimacy that we long for so much.

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