5 Body Language Clues That A Man Is Into You

There is always a moment before a relationship properly begins when we are not really sure about the interest that the other has in us. Here are some non-verbal clues that a potential relationship is just around the corner.

1. Dilated pupils

There’s an instant response to the images we like: our pupils dilate. It’s an involuntary reaction, so you can trust this sign: it cannot be faked.

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2. A Genuine Smile

A genuine smile is a smile that spreads all over the face. If one can go through the motions with the muscles of their mouth, coping with an awkward social situation, it’s not the same with the sparkle in his eyes.

3. Furtive Gazing

Sometimes we cannot stop ourselves from watching the person we fancy. It’s a source of joy for us to constantly check how the other is looking while going through their day. If you catch him gazing at you from afar, there’s something going on there.

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4. Meaningful Eye Contact

There are whole conversations that can be had only with the eyes. Eye contact is a way of connecting and building intimacy without actual physical contact.

5. Nervous moves

If you notice that in spite of normally being a confident guy, he becomes nervous in your presence, it might be because he’s a bit intimidated by you. Blushing, not finding his words or not knowing what to do with his hands, all talk about the fact that he cares about you a little more than he wants to admit.

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If there’s somebody out there who checked more than one or two of these clues and the prospect of going out with him appeals to you, then maybe it’s time to make your move. Please share this!