5 Things Only A Highly Sensitive Person Will Understand

Are you tired of people demanding you to develop a thicker skin? To roll with the punches? Do you feel like nobody else experiences reality as you do? If your answer is yes, then you might be a highly sensitive person.

People who are highly sensitive are not drama queens. They are not behaving like they do to attract attention. This is actually a real thing, proven by science. They process information differently and sometimes are overwhelmed by the avalanche of data.

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If you are a highly sensitive person, you probably experienced some of the following:

1. You have a rich and complex inner life

If you spent hours probing into what happened, what you felt and what people might have thought of you, then your sensibility is beyond normal standards. Even though it’s a more complicated life, your inner self is where you feel at home.

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2. You cry like a baby just because your song is on the radio

Highly sensitive people have their lives deeply influenced by arts. The artistic truth speaks to them at an intimate level. Everything that has to do with numbers and statistics bores them to death, since these are cold and lifeless.

3. You perform better by yourself

No matter the task, you probably find it easier if you are left alone to achieve it. Having somebody watching over your shoulder is a nightmare, since the pressure is likely to transform you into a little child who is supposed to perform in front of a teacher.

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4. You are finely attuned to your body

You know when your blood tension is rising without needing to check the sphygmomanometer. This is not a party trick, it’s just the way you are built. You have bodily sensations that most people ignore completely.

5. You are uncomfortable when there are loud noises

You have a lower threshold for noise compared to the rest of people. That’s why loud or strident sounds can torture you. Even though you might love music, you prefer to enjoy it in the comfort of your home rather than go to a big concert.

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If, on the other hand, you are not a highly sensitive person, but know somebody who is, keep in mind that they are extremely empathetic, intuitive and reliable persons. They see the best in people and will go out of their way to help you.

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