7 Clues You’re Not Getting The Love You Deserve

We all have been in relationships of which we are not proud. Looking back, we don’t know what we were thinking. Maybe you have doubts about the state of your current relationship, but you’re still wondering if you should end it. Or maybe you want to reassure yourself that you’ve made the right choice by leaving your ex.

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Here are some signs of a doomed relationship:

1. Your relationship is a battlefield

If your relationship causes you a great deal of stress, if it’s a constant struggle or a source of depression, you should rethink your involvement. You might feel attached to your partner, but this is not a good reason to stay in a relationship that causes you more unhappiness than joy.

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2. You are not free to be who you are

Are you always afraid of what your partner will think of you? Do you have the feeling that you have to hide who you truly are just to please them? If you don’t have the freedom to be who you really are and you feel forced to play a certain role, this will damage your sense of self. And this kind of dynamic will not change, so don’t fool yourself.

3. You feel like you have a boss, not a partner

It’s one thing to have your partner interested in everything you say, do or feel and it’s a whole other thing to have a control freak next to you. If they try to control every aspect of your life and you feel that you need their approval for every step that you take, this is emotional abuse.

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4. You feel trapped in your own house

It might be romantic to spend lots of time together and to have lots of shared activities. But is it genuine behavior or are they trying to keep you only for themselves, to sever your ties with your friends and family? This kind of isolation can only end up in emotional and financial dependence.

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