7 Clues You’re Not Getting The Love You Deserve

5. Your partner does not trust you

Love should be built on trust. If your partner goes off for no apparent reason, if you waste your time and energy trying to convince them that you’re not having an affair, then you have to recognize the destructive nature of your relationship.

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6. Your partner makes you feel small

Maybe one of the reason you’re still in a relationship that doesn’t work is that your partner convinced you that nobody else would want you. If you don’t feel part of a team, if you cannot count on your partner to cheer for you and support you, then you have an emotional manipulator as a partner.

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7. You cannot imagine a future together

If taking a vacation together seems like an impossible task, it’s likely that even more important plans for the future are out of the question. Your shared future shouldn’t be a taboo subject. It’s best to know exactly where you stand, because these types of relationships usually don’t go anywhere.

Putting an end to a bad relationship is never easy. But you have everything you need to move forward. Share this if you agree that you deserve better!