5 Interesting Facts About Karma That Most People Don’t Know

We’ve all heard about karma, but maybe not all of us know how it truly works. So what is karma really? The name itself comes from Sanskrit and means deed/action. In other words, it is a universal law of action and reaction.

Every time we breathe, think, act or feel we are putting some of our energy out there in the universe. Thus we cause changes in the astral as well as physical planes. This kind of energy will later be converted in events that happen in our lives. Whenever we may think it’s random, it could just be karma.

Here are a few others things you may not have known about this great Karmic Law.

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1. The purpose of karma is to free us from this realm

All suffering, challenges or rewards are there to help us learn. Everything has a place in the grand scheme of things. The idea of the karmic law is to free us from the grip of this place of existence.

2. Karma is here to prevent us from future suffering

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We all know that saying: “what goes around comes around”. And we have attributed it to karma. But contrary to popular belief, karma is not here to punish people, nor judge them. Karma is not an individual or a god that weighs in our actions. Rather, we are the authors of what goes on in our lives. And we aim to prevent suffering and cause good changes whenever we can.

3. Karma is scientifically proven

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Yes, it is. We already know that we literally create our reality, by means of what we think and feel. And when we think happy thoughts or do good deeds, our brain will benefit on a major scale from it. This will only cause other positive effects and events in our lives. Magic, isn’t it?

4. Understanding karma can help us release anger

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How so? Well, it takes courage to realize that almost everything is a result of our thoughts and actions. Once we’ve come to accept this, we become more responsible for our actions and mistakes. This will give us more control over our destinies and thus prevent us from blaming others. Releasing anger can only come when we live responsibly.

5. Karma can always be changed

Again , once we realize we are the ones responsible for our past, present and future, we can grasp the opportunity to change it. At the end of the day, it’s really a choice we make. There’s always time to plan ahead so be focused on making all the positive changes you can make.

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