5 Flaws That Most Intelligent People Have

We all value intelligence. But having above average intelligence doesn’t necessarily make your life easier. Here are the 5 most common flaws that intelligent people share.

1. They struggle with insecurity

Having extremely high standards given by themselves and the society, intelligent people have to always prove their worth. Nothing that they achieve is good enough for them and therefore their confidence is fragile.

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2. They are impatient

Being able to solve problems faster and easily finish the work they have to do, they become bored. Routine tasks are a burden to them, because they are not engaged by them. They become impatient when others take too much time or when they have to explain things again and again.

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3. They have a hard time expressing their feelings

Because they are used to use their intellect to extremes, they are not at ease with their feelings. The muddy nature of feelings makes them uncomfortable. Moreover, when it comes to expressing their feelings they become shy.

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4. They tend to correct others

Most intelligent people are also perfectionists. They cannot ignore a mistake, an inaccurate fact or a grammatically incorrect sentence. And this makes them hard to tolerate at times.

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5. They tend to analyze things to death

Having extremely developed analytical skills, they don’t see situations, they see problems to be solved. And they do that even with the small moments of life, missing out on the pleasure of living in the present.

If you are one of these people, try to use your intelligence to enrich your life, not to make it more difficult. Please, share this!