5 Hacks That Could Save Your Life One Day

No matter how adventurous you are, there’s no point in taking unnecessary risks. Here are some hacks that can end up saving your life one day.

1. Learn self-defense

You might not believe in violence, but other people do. Learn some easy and effective moves to defend yourself. For example, go straight for the attacker’s groin area, which will buy you time to run.

2. Be wary of shady taxi drivers

If your instinct says that there’s something wrong with your taxi driver, don’t ignore it. Call someone and tell them where you are. This way, the driver will know that you have a phone and that somebody knows your exact location.

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3. Don’t walk with your hands in your pockets

Walking with your hands in your pockets, especially down the stairs, is never a good idea. If you trip, you need your hands to cushion the fall.

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4. If you are caught in a burning building, crawl, don’t run

Even though the temptation to run is understandable, actually the best thing you can do is to crawl, since the closer you are to the floor, the more oxygen there is for you to breath.

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5. If you get lost, find water and shelter first

If you get lost in the woods or in the mountains, the first thing you need to do is to find water and shelter, since they are essential to your survival.

Keep these hacks in mind! You never know when you might need them. Please, share this!