7 Stories That Prove True Love Does Exist

Are you one of those skeptical people who think that there’s no such thing as true love? Some users on Reddit have shared their love stories for the entire world to see and prove that true love does indeed exist.

1.“It was my first day working on my very first movie set. I was the on set costumer (basically anything to do with actor’s clothing was my job). It was a kids’ movie so obviously, there were a lot of kid actors running around. As I walked to set for the first time from the trailers one of the kids pointed to a man I had never met and said to me, “that guy loves you” loud enough for both of us to hear. I was mortified. But I looked at him and smiled and said, “apparently you love me”. He said, “I guess I do”. We celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary in August.” (GlamorousHousewife)

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2.“I spent years with an abusive partner, planned to leave at least a dozen times, but always chickened out or reconciled… I woke up one day and felt an undeniable urge to get away. I broke things off, got all my shit together and called the store I was leasing my furniture from. I had one payment left so they were obligated to move it. He showed up the next day in khakis and a red hat and spent the day moving all of my stuff– under the lease contract or not– in the pouring rain, 50 miles away, up three flights of stairs, for free. At the end of the day, he asked to see me again. It’s been two years and we’ve never spent a single day apart. Everyone thought I was crazy.” (glitterpumps)

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3. “Had a job at the fort (historical site, tours and stuff). I was a musician and they asked if I could try learning to play bugle. The boss’ daughter had a friend who played trumpet. She tried teaching me but I was hopeless. A few months later I shared a three legged kitchen chair with her at a new year’s party. Several months of dating go by, we’re watching TV and a Monty Python commercial came on. At the end it says “if your girlfriend laughed at this, marry her”. She did, so I did. Will be married 12 years this fall, 2 kids, and I still love her more than anything.” (Munxcub)

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4. “We met at a friend’s wedding 7 years ago. We were both in the wedding party, and we lined up to walk down the aisle together. Introduced myself during rehearsal, couldn’t stop thinking of her that night, made a move and asked her out on a hike a few days later. Our wedding day is at the end of this month. Sadly, we dated longer than my friend’s marriage lasted. But he’s happy now with someone else, so that’s okay.” (orbak)

5. “I ate bad Mexican food after a long and exhausting day of sight-seeing with my wife. Got diarrhea in the hotel room. Bolted for the bathroom but didn’t make it. Shat myself. In my PJs. Into my sandals. Onto the carpet. I then tripped and fell into it. I was so embarrassed I almost burst into tears. My wife came over, carefully stroked my hair, and said, “It’s going to be okay. Let’s get you into the shower, and I’ll help you clean up.” That’s what true love feels like: reassurance, warmth, and empathy even when you’re covered in your own crap.” (lymphangitis)

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6. “She fell into my lap at a Christmas party. Literally! I was sitting on a couch; she came in, tripped over something – and landed on my lap. Not sure what was said after that, but we had a date two weeks later; got married six months later – and had 38 wonderful years until she died last year.” (Nodak70)

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7. “I had just broken up with a long-term boyfriend in high school and one of my male friends pestered me for days to get out of the house and hang out with him. For days I said no, but finally agreed when he asked me to go to this house party. We get to the party as it’s dying down. The host is there and is just gone. I’ve never met someone I was more repulsed by in my life. I get up and walk across the room to get away from my increasingly clingy friend and the host stops me and kisses my hand. I look annoyed, he knows I’m annoyed, and he apologizes and tells me that he’s sorry, but I’m just so beautiful that he had to.

“What would it take for me to be able to kiss you again?” Me (trying to get him to go away): “If you let me kick you in the nuts, how about that?” And he agreed. Quickly takes my hand and kisses it. And I nail him in the goods. It was just so ridiculous I couldn’t help but laugh. We’ve been together for nearly 11 years now.” (salamanderme)

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