5 Powerful Reasons Why You’re In Love With The Wrong Person

Being stuck in a relationship with someone is not a very pleasant feeling. As time goes by, you realize you may have fallen in love with the wrong person. What used to make you tick is no longer there.

You may think you are staying because of love, but oftentimes, we have other reasons to cling to a relationship, as toxic as it may be. Here are 5  powerful reasons why we’re sometimes in love with the wrong people:

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1. They make you laugh

You may think it’s worth being in the relationship for the crazy laughs you get when you’re with him. But really, do you have any idea how many people with a great sense of humor are there out in the world?

2. They are incredibly attractive

If you find them very physically pleasing and hot and the sex is great, then you think you just might work out the issues you have. But simply being turned on by someone doesn’t make them right for you.

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3. They share a history with you

If they’ve been there when you experienced a major event, then you might feel connected to them in some way. Or maybe you live together or share a kid. This doesn’t mean you are compatible or meant for each other.

4. They have many things in common with you

You may have the same taste in music and movies and share a giggle at the same jokes. But maybe that would make you great friends, not life partners.

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5. You are attached to them

This is one of the strongest reasons why we tend to remain in relationships that aren’t good for us. But there’s a way out. And once you’re out, you realize you should have made this decision earlier.

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