5 Signs Your Relationship Is About To Crumble

There’s nothing worse than thinking that everything is going great in your relationship and the next day to be in a serious crisis. To avoid this situation and to give your relationship another chance, pay attention to these signs.

1. You’re spending less and less time together

If your partner finds excuses not to spend time with you, if they don’t seem interested in any activity you might suggest, then it means that you are no longer a priority in their lives.

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2. They don’t call you back

Whenever you call them, there’s a big chance they won’t pick up or respond to your text. The lines of communication are closed.

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3. You disagree on everything

If the little time you do have together is spent arguing about insignificant things, if they are rude and blame you for everything that goes wrong, maybe it’s time to rethink your involvement in the relationship.

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4. They are not interested in knowing you

If your partner doesn’t want to know what are you feeling or thinking, if they don’t ask you about your day and are not interested in finding new things about you, the end is near.

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5. Your sexual life is non-existent

If you have a hard time remembering the last time you had sex or even kissed, then it’s been too long and this a major red flag. Also, if the only connection to this person is sex and nothing else, this is not a relationship.

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