5 Things A Guy Does When He Wants A Second Date

Finding out where you stand with the guy you’ve just dated is not easy. Men are more emotionally opaque than women. That’s why you might be wondering if that date really went well or not. Here are some of the things guys do when they are into you.


1. He opened up to you

If during the date you’ve talked about nothing and everything, if you laughed and shared stories, chances are he really likes you. People, and men in particular, don’t make the effort to open up unless they are really interested in the other person.

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2. He really paid attention to you

If during the date he didn’t check his phone, didn’t look around the room, but instead he maintained eye contact and seemed really interested in what you were saying, this is very good sign.

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3. His body language spoke volumes

Smiling, nodding, looking into your eyes and standing close to you are undeniable signs that he likes you. You can rely more on these clues because they are hard to fake.

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4. He dressed up

OK, we’re not encouraging you to pay too much attention to superficial details such as clothes, but when a guy dresses smartly for your date, it means that he put some thought into it. It is also a sign of respect.

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5. He hinted at “next time”

If during the conversation he mentions that there’s a concert that you would enjoy or a great place to visit after the sunset, it means he is already thinking about your next date.

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