5 Things Men Say When They Don’t Love You Anymore

Sometimes, you can sense the end of a relationship is in the air. Here are the kind of things a man says when his heart is not yours anymore.

1. Do whatever you want

Of course, you’re going to do whatever you want to do, so what’s the point of saying it? The underlying emotion is indifference. It shows that in his mind you two are no longer a team, and each has his or her own plan and path.

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2. You’re overthinking it

If this is the kind of response you often get when you express your concerns, this should make you suspicious. Because it’s not an answer at all and it’s a manipulative way to belittle your problem or to change the subject.

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3. Find someone else if you don’t like it

This kind of statement shows not only the unwillingness to compromise or to change but also the fact that your partner is preparing his exit from the relationship.

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4. It’s your problem, not mine

This is a way to shake any responsibility for whatever goes wrong in the relationship. It also shows that he doesn’t care if the relationship lasts or not.

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5. I don’t have to explain myself

In fact, he does. Not all the time, not if you are interrogating him with an awful attitude, but other than that, he has to give you an explanation for his words and behavior if you need it.

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