5 Ugly Ways Sociopaths Expose Their True Colors

Originally published in 2013, “Confessions of a sociopath” is a book written by M.E. Thomas uncovering her true sociopath self. A diagnosed sociopath, Ms Thomas is the pseudonym of a female law professor.

In her book, sensational stories and cunning strategies mixed with deceit and irrefutable charm shape the portrait of the sociopath. Also embodying a lot of research, the memoir is quite fascinating due to the fact that sociopaths hardly ever give in to introspection.

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A sociopath does not abide by the rules, he makes his own. Take a good look at their 5 life principles and learn exactly how a sociopath operates.

1. They ignore the common-sense rules

Or the unspoken ones. Ms Thomas recalls the time when she worked for an elite law firm where she took advantage of all the loose policies within the company. A sociopath will always disregard common-sense and will make opportunism his legal weapon.

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2. They evaluate all costs and benefits

Sociopaths take into consideration both costs and benefits when making a decision. The writer admits to never living in an expensive neighbourhood and ditching the safety insurance just because she had a health one.

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3. Probably the best lawyers are sociopaths

Sociopaths are immune to sympathy, to performance anxiety and are incredibly persuading and seductive individuals.

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4. They are always prepared

Sociopaths would rather not interact with people unless they have to convey a particular message or to seduce. They always have some personal stories in their knapsack, ready to be inserted in conversations so they never get caught on the wrong foot and blurt out stuff. Every social event is an opportunity for sociopaths to present themselves to their best advantage.

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5. If you can’t beat them, at least confuse them

The writer states that she’s extremely calculated when presenting herself and that she always has to stand out from the crowd. For instance, if there’s a formal dress code, she would show up wearing cowboy boots, pointing out that she has no fear of judgement.

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