There’s Only One Secret Creative People Have

Creativity is the ability to connect things in an original manner, according to Steve Jobs. Creative people see relationships where others see just distinct ideas or experiences.

A new idea comes from the fact that somebody was able to experience more and better synthesize his exploits.

Creativity is the ability to connect our experiences and ideas in a story that only we can tell.

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Psychological studies have shown not only that some people see more in the world, but they really see the world differently.

What defines a creative personality is the openness to new experiences, a “drive for cognitive exploration of one’s inner and outer worlds”, as the authors of book Wired to create have concluded.

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Creativity is the ability to see things from another perspective.

Experiments have shown that some people, when shown two different images for each eye, they perceived a combined or mixed image. What it means is that their mind reached a creative conclusion when presented with two incompatible stimuli. In other words, it’s a whole new visual experience.

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Creativity is an exercised openness.

From traveling to thinking about the ways in which a certain familiar object can be used for innovative goals, each time we expose ourselves to new experiences, we broaden our minds.  We will be able to have a more complex and original view on the world and therefore be more creative.

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