3 Signs You’re Dealing With An Evil Person

Even if we genuinely think there are no evil people in the world, the cruel reality contradicts. Some are just plain evil. Why? We don’t have the answer to that, but we can signal some dire traits they possess so you can protect yourself from their evil nature.

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1. They have a distorted reality

Evil individuals create their own reality, where things go their own way. They always display their own version of the truth, different from yours, filtered through their perverted perceptions. If you confront them head-on, they will almost definitely deny it. Any fact that doesn’t align with their flawed reality will be skillfully altered. They have the special gift of twisting every fact.

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2. They deceive people around them

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Kings of manipulation, evil people are extremely skilled in deceiving people. They are great at lying and withholding information but most of all, they know how to trigger your emotions. They master the art of dissimulation as well as the art of using all the right words to mess with your head. So much so that eventually they make you not only believe what they are lying about but make you feel guilty in the same time. For them, the end justifies the means on every occasion. That is to say, they are willing to do everything as long as it is in their interest and they have something to gain from it.

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3. They are pure sociopaths

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Lack of empathy, guilt or remorse, all wrapped up in one evil person. They leave no trace of culpability for any of the lives they’ve ruined. They are first hand sociopaths. They use people, they seek opportunity in every persons’ weakness. Each time, evil people put others down and really enjoy the show. Having no moral compass makes it easy for them to manipulate, fool, hurt, steal and control people around them with an unexpected ease. They play mind games on you like no other.

Warn your friends about these hidden signs, they might have someone evil in their lives!