Single Life Sucks. Unless It’s A Choice

Life is better with love. That’s obvious. Unless you have to sacrifice everything you are to be in a relationship, because you fear being single.

It’s normal to want to share your life with someone. But sometimes it doesn’t happen, no matter how much you try and how open you are to new possibilities. And then self-doubt creeps in. “What’s wrong with me?” you might ask yourself. And then society comes in and makes you feel worse, as if being single is a disease that you should get rid of before it spreads.

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And most people crumble under the pressure and accept being in a bad relationship rather than being single. They want the shame of being single to go away. To feel accepted and less lonely.

Loneliness can kill, it’s true. But being single doesn’t necessarily means being lonely. You can feel lonely while being in relationship. Or you can be single and surrounded by friends and family, whose affection and feedback can be more rewarding than a bad relationship.

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But it’s not only the society pressuring us that causes this fear of being single. Sometimes, it’s our fear of being with ourselves. But you cannot run from yourself, the same way you cannot run from your own shadow. Being single can be a choice, and sometimes, the best that you can make.

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Once you realize that you are not your relationship status, the same way you are not the contents of your wallet or your job, you can let go and relax. You can explore yourself more and become that person you always wanted to be. You get to know your own worth and stop waiting for somebody else to ascribe it to you. Once you find yourself, finding somebody to share your life with becomes a choice, not a must. Please, share this!