5 Warning Signs That Your Relationship Is Making You Depressed

Depression is not something to be taken lightly. Sometimes when we’re going through a tough time, we are lucky enough to meet that someone who will pick us up. They become our friends and then turn into something more and we’re healing because of their support.

Other times, we’re in an unhealthy relationship with someone we love deeply and we seem to not be able to fix it. Here are 5 warning signs that this relationship is contributing to your depression:

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1. You can’t communicate like you used to

Whenever you try to talk to them about anything serious, it’s like walking on eggshells. This means you feel you can’t bring up some issues for fear you might start a fight with your partner.

2. They always seem to criticize you and put you down

This is a clear sign that this is not right for you so walking away or taking a break could help you reconsider some things.

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3. They’re blaming you for things you’re not guilty of

They’re doing this because they feel the need to put everything bad that happens in the relationship on your shoulders. Don’t buy it.


4. You become dependent on them

This is tricky. It’s a very vulnerable position they brought you to and this means they can also take advantage of this and hurt you.

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5. The relationship feels like a burden

Overall, things aren’t like they used to be. You can’t remember last time you had a loving tender moment so maybe it’s time to think twice about your future together.

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