5 Ways To Seduce A Cancer

Maybe the most sensible sign of the zodiac but also the most loving one, Cancers are great people to be around. And you must know that since you would like to discover methods of attracting a person born under this sign.

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Here are 5 ways to seduce a Cancer:

1. Get to know them first

Cancers don’t open up quickly, they might be cautious until they can trust you. So take your time and discover more about their personality.

2. Do not be pushy

Cancers often build walls around them so they don’t get hurt. They may not have healed from past wounds.

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3. Respect their mood swings

They are a bit moody but that is part of their charming personality. Once you get to know them, you will discover how to handle their changing moods.

4. Keep things exciting

Cancers want to experience the fairy tale love story while trying fresh and interesting things. They mix romanticism and fun pretty well.

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5. Don’t play games with their heart

Once you have committed to them, don’t misguide them and always be honest with your feelings. If you start playing games, you will lose them quicker than you imagine.

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