5 Ways To Seduce A Leo

Leos are the leaders of the zodiac, they are very outgoing people who can light up the room with their personality. Besides having a lot of energy, people born under this sign are honest and reliable and can become very passionate when meeting the right person.

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If your crush is a Leo, find out how to seduce them:

1. Put them on a pedestal

Shower them with compliments, let them know you worship their personality and give them your full attention.

2. Ooze confidence

Never lose your cool around a Leo, you must always be in control and know what you are doing.

3. Be bold

Leos are far from being shy, so take the bull by the horns and never look back.

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4. Let them pull the strings

They are leaders and they like to be in charge of things. Leos play a dominant role in a relationship.

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5. Heat things up

Leos are intense people, they seek adventure and put passion in everything they do.

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Leos are pretty much easy to seduce, as long as you give them what they want. Please share this!