6 Strange Things You Do If You’re A Deep Thinker

Being a deep thinker in a world getting shallower and shallower will inevitably make you look like an outsider. But rejoice. If anything, it means you are doing something right.

Deep thinkers are the empathetic sensitive usually caring type of people who can easily get lost in their own thoughts. Their dark side is all about overthinking to the point of going mad. Here are 6 redeeming qualities that balance out this dark side of theirs.

1. You spend a lot time alone

This comes with the territory. In depth analysis, learning and creativity don’t happen in a vacuum. It takes hours on end spent in seclusion, unhindered by external factors. Like other people. They know that this is the way to bring depth and meaning to their life. Sometimes they oscillate between full presence and awareness and being completely lost in their head.

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2. You analyze the past

Deep thinkers can idealize the past at times. Other times, they can replay it in their mind and perhaps even catastrophize about it. What’s for sure is that you have a special ability to analyze what’s been said, done or what should have been said, done. You keep wondering if there is anything you missed.

3. You plan a conversation before it happens

In other words, you like to be prepared. Especially if you are about to talk to someone you really like, intellectually or non intellectually. You would like to know before-hand what to say first so that things go smoothly from there. Next thing you know, you have an entire script in your head. And chances are you will only get to say like 20% from what you initially thought of in your head. But that’s alright. At least, you were prepared.

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4. You like to observe

Observing is yet another special skill you have. Deep thinkers are able to not only analyze, but observe in detail. This allows them to put together details not many people are able to. You are that person who likes to watch lonely people in cafes and make up little creative stories about them and what brought them there. Congrats because most people don’t care.

5. You’re open to anything

The more they know about the world and people, the more open-minded they become. These are the travelers, the introverts, the poets, the scientists – all with an unquenching thirst for what things could be if our minds were more open.

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6. You look at things from every angle

Deep thinkers usually don’t belong to any ideology or category. They are not drawn by a particular religion or have a certain political affiliation. They would rather bring themselves to their own understanding of the world through thought and personal experience. This enables them to see the world from many possible angles.