6 Unmistakable Signs You Are Highly Awakened

Awakening is first and foremost an emotional experience. Some even describe it as the highest emotional state one can reach. At the core of such a state there is an inner harmony: this means the physical, spiritual and mental are aligned and at peace.

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It’s definitely not easy to reach this kind of awareness or sense of heightened consciousness. This is what will allow you to be perfectly conscious of both internal and external stimuli. Here are the 6 traits of someone who has experienced a spiritual awakening:

1. They question everything around them

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This means that once they are awakened, they won’t take anything for granted anymore. They love to observe things in nature and in people and ask questions about our world. This is due to being awakened to the wonders of the Universe we live in.

2. They have a high level of empathy

Empathy comes with great emotional awareness. And once you become more in touch with your capacity for love, joy, kindness, gratitude and compassion, you will recognize it in others too.

3. They are critical thinkers

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This ties in to the urge of questioning everything. They tune in to their critical side to help them make sense of the world around them.

4. Sometimes they crave solitude

Awakened people need time on their own, maybe even more so than introverts in general. They will use this time to sharpen their sense of identity and their emotional awareness. Moreover, they chose to recharge their batteries or simply be with themselves in silence as a means of coping with the harsh reality around them.

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5. They are highly intuitive

Intuition plays a very important role in the lives of spiritually awakened individuals. They often rely on it to find out if they are on the right track in their lives. They need to be attuned to their every need and to all the values they posses.

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6. They have faith in the functioning of the Universe

This means they trust the idea that they’re part of a larger plan, and a benevolent one. When something bad happens, they don’t blame it on other people. Rather, they look inside to see if they can find out the answer there. Awakened people know they have a higher purpose on this planet and will do everything in their power to achieve it.

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