The 7 Most Manipulative Phrases You’ll Ever Hear

People who are experts in manipulating other people don’t care about sound arguments. They will found a way around it. And if they cannot do that, they will tap into your emotions. They don’t care about the truth any more than a predator cares about its prey’s feelings.

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Here are some common phrases that a manipulator will use in order to gain control over you.

1. Well, it’s your fault

A manipulator will always try to turn the tables on you, no matter what the issue is. Whatever disgusting thing he would do, somehow he will try to convince you that it’s all your fault.

2. You can’t be still mad at me

Rather than admit to their faults, they prefer buying your forgiveness with gifts. Rather than accepting the wrong they have done, they prefer spending a lot of money, hoping that the thrill of you getting something new will make you forget the awful thing they’ve done.

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3. Who are you talking to?

When your partner is checking up on you every hour of the day, this may seem romantic at first. But in the end, this tactic shows its true intent: control. Because they are aware of their own shady behavior, they assume the worst about everybody else. They will try to make you cut everybody else from your life.

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4. You don’t need to work

Financial dependency is the easiest way by which they can make you submit to them. When they suggest quitting your job they may seem they want you to relax and have fun, but what they really want is for you not to be able to make any move without their approval.

5. My way is the best, trust me

A manipulative person is usually a narcissistic one. Because they don’t consider other people as their equals, they feel the world would crumble without their guidance and leadership. That’s why they will make sure they get their way, no matter what.

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6. If you leave me, I’ll do something crazy

When everything else fails, they won’t shy away from emotional blackmail. If you dare to back away from the relationship, they will threaten you that they will hurt themselves. Don’t fall for that, they love themselves too much.

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7. I’m sure you’ll like kids once we’ll have them

Convincing you, against your better judgement, to start a family, is their way to make sure that you won’t get away. They rely on the fact that once you will have kids, you won’t be able to end the relationship, for their sake.

If there’s somebody in your life who is using this kind of manipulation on you, free yourself! Please, share this!