7 Signs Your Partner Is Not Committed To You Anymore

A good relationship is not all rainbows and unicorns. And there are no clear rules to build one. But there are some signs that indicate that your partner has lost interest in the relationship.

1. You don’t spend time together

If they find excuses not to spend time with you, from helping a friend to move to having too much work at the office, something is off. No matter how hectic their life is, they should always find time to spend with you. The fabric of your relationship is made out of quality time spent together and if this becomes thinner, the end might be near.

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2. Everything is your fault

If your partner is holding you accountable for everything that goes wrong, it means that they are not taking responsibility for the relationship. Also, if they are not interested in talking things over and they prefer to just sulk, this might mean they don’t want to put in the time and effort to make things work.

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3. They are constantly disrespectful towards you

If they are arrogant or don’t take your opinion into consideration, they have no respect for you. You need to feel that your values and the things that you care for are of some importance to them.

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4. You don’t feel supported

Having each other’s back, no matter the situation, is an essential part of a healthy relationship. If they roll their eyes every time you mention your plans, if they don’t find anything good to say about your accomplishments and you don’t dare talking to them about your dreams, it means they are not interested in your growing as a person.


5. You have a hard time to believe them when they say “I’m sorry”

If nothing is ever their fault, chances are they don’t apologize for their behavior either. But even when they do, you have the feeling that their apologies are not sincere. You sense that they only say “I’m sorry” to put an end to the conversation.

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6. They’ve stopped being affectionate

Having an active sex life is important, but it has to be coupled with little signs of affection. If you don’t remember the last time when you hold hands or they kissed you for no reason, it probably means that you are in a superficial relationship that won’t go anywhere.

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7. They lie to you

It doesn’t matter if they lie about what they did the night before or about what their real hopes and dreams are, if they can’t be bothered with the truth, it means they don’t respect you. A healthy relationship is built on trust and if you can’t trust them, there’s no point in maintaining the relationship. Please, share this!