4 Reasons Why Somebody Is Rejecting You

Being rejected in love is an awful experience. Especially for those who place way too much value on the opinions of others. But if somebody doesn’t want to get involved with you, they might have some reasons other than you being a horrible human being.

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1. They are involved with somebody else

The most probable reason why somebody might reject you is that they are already in a committed relationship. You shouldn’t take things personally or try to break them up. Nothing worthwhile can be built on someone else’s suffering.

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2. They have a hectic life style

If they have a job that forces them to travel a lot or otherwise have a hectic life style, then they might not want to get involved romantically. And they are right, since this kind of relationship can lead only to disappointment and unmet emotional needs. By not wanting to get involve with you they are not actually rejecting you, but they are admitting their own limits.

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3. They are going through a stressful period

From health problems to work related problems, some people get overwhelmed by what’s happening in their life at a certain moment. That’s why they prefer to stay away from romantic entanglement, so that they don’t drag another person into their mess. Be thankful or be patient, but stay away for the moment!

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4. They are not emotionally prepared

Some people prefer to stay single because their past relationships have shown them that they are not emotionally equipped to handle a serious relationship. By staying away from you, they actually show you respect and concern. They are not willing to use you and then throw you away, knowing that they couldn’t offer you what you need.

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