7 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Someone Born Under Cancer

Cancer likes to spend time with friends and help out their family. They enjoy being out in the open, relaxing in water or going hiking but staying in is also a good choice for someone born under this sign.

They don’t like to hear any criticism of their family, especially of their mother, they don’t fancy strangers and they don’t reveal much of their personal life.

Here are 7 things you’d better not tell a Cancer:

1. Why are you smothering me?

Cancers demand a great deal of attention and can sometimes suffocate you with their love.

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2. Why are you making a fuss about this?

Cancers are extremely sensitive though they would never admit it. The moment you make fun of them regarding this issue, they shut down completely.

3. Leave me alone!

They are very caring people and would feel hurt if you snap at them.
Ruled by compassion, they will move mountains to take care of you.

4. Loosen up!

They are not the most outgoing people but they can totally have fun. But on their own terms, they often wish to just ponder things.

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5. Stop complaining!

Cancers tend to badger about everything all the time. They turn little things into dramas.

6. Aren’t you over it already?

They like to hold a grudge so they may stay upset with you for a very long time if you do something unforgivable.

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7. Can I borrow that please?

Oh no, you didn’t! Cancers are very protective of their personal belongings. They are not selfish, they just know that you won’t take care of that thing as well as they do.

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