7 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Taurus

Like the bull, people born under the sign of Taurus are earthly persons, with a strong will and fierce enjoyment of the world. They are reliable and sociable, but there are some things you should never say to them. Unless you want them to blow up.



1. You can’t do it

They are very determined people that don’t see obstacles, only challenges. That’s why telling them that something is beyond their reach or capability will trigger their stubbornness.

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2. Stop pampering yourself

They long to know the world through their senses, to absorb it sensually, so what might seem like indulging to you, for them it’s actually a positive approach to life.

3. You’re too sensual

They do not tease, they are just interested in the physical pleasure and they enjoy it. Don’t judge them for it.

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4. Make up your mind already

Taurus people take a long time to decide what they are best at and what is the best course of action. It’s not indecisiveness, it’s just considering the matter from every angle.

5. You haven’t tried hard enough

When Taurus natives work, they work hard. Suggesting otherwise will make them angry, since they will feel that you don’t appreciate their efforts.

6. You’re too possessive

They are not jealous, but they do consider themselves entitled to have a sense of security within the relationship.

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7. You’re too stubborn

Once they made up their mind, they hang on to their choices. Which might seem to be an irrational resistance to change, but it’s actually a sign of tenacity.

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